Monday, October 31, 2011

Colour Splash

Kimmy and I have recently discovered the gorgeous Brown Trading Company.
We are so excited to soon be receiving a selection of their gorgeous pillows, tablecloths and napkins.

I borrowed these pics from their website and facebook page. I love their use of colour against a white backdrop. New pillows and table wear a perfect way to add new life to a space without spending loads of money.

I ordered these tablecloths for this summer as they reminded me of little Christmas trees but would still be lovely to use all year round.

A gorgeous array of napery to either match or compliment the tablecloths we have ordered.

A perfect illustration of how mixing it up can sometimes be more effective than matching colours and tones.

A splash of yellow adds brightness to an otherwise muted palette.

Our Brown Trading stock will be in stores by this weekend!
Come and see us and play around with colour!

x Kim and Kell x

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candle Candle

Pillar candles grouped together make a beautifully simple statement. A collection of candles of varying shapes and sizes looks gorgeous on a mantle or in a fireplace. Cluster them in the centre of your dining table and remember that everything and EVERYONE looks better by candlelight!

Shop Quintessence for pillar candles in all sizes. Decorate for Christmas with pieces that will look gorgeous all year long.

x Kim and Kell x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams

We absolutely love Bianca Lorrenne's range of bedding. The soft muted palette is so easy on the eye and her fabrics are as luxurious as we can find.

We have recently rennovated our upstairs rooms in our Lindfield store. It is set out just like a home with dining room, living room, hallway and bedroom. We had such fun staging our bedroom which leads out onto a pretty little terrace. What better way to showcase our beautiful range of linens and pillows. Customers love to spread out coverlets and comforters so they can see how their own bedroom might look.

x Kim and Kell x

Monday, October 17, 2011

Console Art

A beautiful console is the perfect stage for vignettes. Lean a collection of pictures up against the wall, arrange your treasures any which way you chose and change them around often to create a new look. A console with a shelf underneath provides the perfect spot for stacking books and other collectables.

Shop Quintessence Sydney for cosnoles and decorative items to create your own story. Visit our new upstairs rooms in Lindfield to see how we have used our consoles to showcase interesting and beautiful pieces.

x Kim and Kell x

image via here

Picnic Perfect

Couldn't resist posting this glorious image of a woodland luncheon. So haphazardly divine.
Thank you Greige for always sharing such gems!

x Kim and Kell x

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spring Sprigs

A few blooms from the garden cheer up the kitchen window sill perfectly.
Don't you just love Spring!

We have just re-ordered these little bottles in these sweet willow holders as they have sold so quickly. So sweet and at just $20.00 they are the perfect little bit of "icing on the cake" after a good Spring clean. The narrow bottle necks mean that just a couple of sprigs in each little vessel is all it takes.

Shop Quintessence for more little gems to make your home the prettiest place on Earth.

x Kell and Kim x

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheese Please

We have received these divine cheese boards at our Lindfield and Northbridge stores. They come in a variety of sizes but personally I am loving the super large size.

I used mine on Sunday to serve a simple cheese and antipasto board to a large group. It provided the perfect rustic serving platter for beautiful fresh produce. I kept topping it up throughout the afternoon with more crackers and nuts and whatever else was disappearing fast. So easy and casual. An ideal wedding gift or Christmas gift for a male or female.

Shop Quintessence Sydney Stores for an extensive range of gifts and homewares to make your Spring/Summer parties appear effortlessly stylish.

x Kim and Kell x

Friday, October 7, 2011

Garden Fresh

We have just received these ever so cute bottles in a little wicker holder. Perfect for holding freshly cut herbs. If you love your herb garden as much as we love ours, then these little vessels are the perfect way to bring a little outdoor freshness to your food preparation area. Nothing like the smell of just-picked rosemary, basil and parsley to lift your spirits! Fresh herbs in the kitchen say "potential"!
Our Murchison-Hume products have become part of the Quintessence story. Beautifully packaged to compliment almost any kitchen aesthetic. environmentally friendly and food safe to boot. Try the Heirloom Dish washing Liquid for super sparkling glassware and Counter Intelligence Spray for gleaming fresh smelling counter tops. The range goes on an on and never disappoints. A perfect hostess gift that is stylish yet practical.

x Kim and Kell x